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Schools Students Deserve

Students deserve incredible settings where they can develop their love of learning and achieve to their highest potential in life. At MAE we are determined to make sure our public schools are these incredible settings.

The National Education Association spent several years researching and collaborating with leading education policy and practice experts to identify seven areas that are critical to the success of public schools and students. They are: 

  1. School Readiness: Our schools provide quality programs and services that meet the full range of all children’s needs so that they come to school every day ready and able to learn.
  2. Standards and Curriculum: Our schools set high expectations and standards with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum for all students.
  3. Conditions of Teaching and Learning: Our schools provide quality conditions for teaching and lifelong learning.
  4. Workforce Quality: Our schools have a qualified, caring, diverse, and stable workforce.
  5. Accountability and Assessments: Stakeholders at all levels share responsibility for appropriate school accountability.
  6. Family and Community Engagement: Our schools facilitate parental, family, and community involvement and engagement.
  7. School Funding: Our schools are supported by sufficient, equitable, and sustainable funding.

MAE has long advocated for a comprehensive look at the physical conditions of Mississippi schools, many of which were built in the early part of the 20th Century. It takes funds to correct the numerous issues in buildings that students are expected learn in and educators work in every day.

Too many students go to schools with mold-infested walls; a lack of proper ventilation, cooling, and heating; leaking roofs; and other issues. 

We’re encouraged that the 2022 Legislative session provided a revolving loan program of up to $1 million dollars to be used by school systems for school improvements. We know it will also take families and community members to achieve the final goal of clean, healthy, safe schools for our students and educators. We shall continue to raise our voices on this issue. Here’s how you can help. 

Advocate for Change

Visit MAE’s Advocating for Change page to learn about opportunities to advocate for your rights and for your students. 

Learn about GPS Fund Grants

The NEA’s Great Public Schools (GPS) Fund Grants advance the goal of great public schools for every student by helping state and local affiliates enhance the quality of public education where they work. Learn more about these grants, and apply today. 

Support the MAE Fund

The MAE Fund is our political action committee that helps to elect strong public school champions up and down the ballot. Learn more about what we do and how you can get involved in and support this important work.



Advocating strong public schools for every student and every public school employee

Mississippi Association of Educators (MAE) represents thousands of Mississippians—educators, students, activists, workers, parents, neighbors, friends—who believe in opportunity for all students and in the power of public education to transform lives and create a more just and inclusive society.