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Bullying Prevention Event

MAE, the Greenville Association of Educators, and the Washington County General Baptist Association held a community event on protecting students from bullying.
Published: 05/20/2018

GREENVILLE, MS — The Mississippi Association of Educators, along with the Greenville Association of Educators, and the Washington County General Baptist Association partnered to sponsor a presentation on Bullying and Cyberbullying to parents and adult community members on Thursday, May 3.  

With the continuing concerns over the increasing occurrence of mass shootings, a consortium of law enforcement agencies, including the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Greenville Police Department, area school superintendents, city officials and concerned citizens formed to spread the word on how to identify telltale signs that a student is experiencing emotional distress due to bullying and cyberbullying. The toxic effect of bullying is enhanced by the ever-present influence of social media, and students are uniquely vulnerable to its effects.

Chief Sherod Reed speaking
Chief Sherod Reed speaks to community members about signs of bullying. Credit: MAE

Chief Sherod Reed offered a two-hour presentation on how to recognize and combat the effects of bullying to a crowd of about 30 people. Washington County General Baptist President, Rev. Thomas Morris, and Leland School Superintendent and Washington County Youth Supervisor, Dr. Jessie King were so impressed with the workshop that they extended the invitation for Chief Reed to present the training to pastors and participants at the Washington County Congress of Christian Education in June.

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