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Aspiring Educators

The MAE Student Program is open to students at any of Mississippi’s post-secondary/higher education institutions who are not employed full-time in a regular teaching position by a pre-K–12 education agency or institution and aspire to become educators.

The Mississippi Association of Educators Aspiring Educators Program (MAE-SP) is Mississippi’s professional association for college students who plan to become teachers. You’ve chosen a noble profession. Let us help you as you pursue your career, acquire your own classroom, and help your students achieve their highest potential. 

How to Join

You can join the MAE-SP for just $21 per year in addition to local chapter dues. The regular membership year runs from September 1 to August 31. There are two ways to join: 

  1. Join online and pay by credit card.
  2. Print a 2021-22 membership form, fill it out, and mail it to the MAE along with a check.

Now Accepting Early Enrollment: New NEA Aspiring Educator early enrollees join between April 1 and August 31 and are considered members from the signature date on the application through the following year. Early Enrollees have access to select NEA and MAE Member Benefits programs before the regular membership year begins September 1.

Dues Rebate and Reduction: Student members receive a $20 rebate from NEA for each year of student membership. You also get a 20 percent MAE dues reduction during your first year of teaching and regular MAE membership. 

  • Mark the “past student member” box on the MAE membership form to receive your MAE dues reduction. 
  • Fill out your  NEA Rebate Form (Due on or before May 1 of the year of your membership).

Benefits of MAE-SP Membership

Be your best teacher
The MAE-SP helps you become a well-informed, professional teacher through top-quality workshops, conferences, publications, websites, and the NEA’s Professional Library – offering the single largest source of professional materials for classroom teachers. Click here for Quick Tips for Classroom Success.

Educator Employment Liability insurance and legal protection 

Many schools require you to be covered by liability insurance when you student teach. You can access the insurance and legal protections you need to begin your career in education.

Student loan assistance program

Need help paying your student loan? You may qualify for loan assistance programs. Check out Generation Debt, and join us for training. Student Program members receive notice when trainings are held.

Networking and professional growth

MAE-SP helps you tap into a professional network of educators who practice teaching at the local, state, and national levels. The NEA Student Program has 60,000 students nationwide, and our NEA family is 3.2 million members strong. 

Every day we work together to promote excellence in public education, help teachers succeed in their profession, provide good working conditions for teachers and good learning conditions for children, and support legislation and candidates that support kids and public schools.

Member benefits and discounts 

You can get your money’s worth as a member. Your membership entitles you to discounts on special services like auto, homeowners/renters and life insurances, entertainment, computers, books, magazines, travel, merchandise, and more through our exclusive NEA Member Benefits program and the MAE Access Card


Advocating strong public schools for every student and every public school employee

Mississippi Association of Educators (MAE) represents thousands of Mississippians—educators, students, activists, workers, parents, neighbors, friends—who believe in opportunity for all students and in the power of public education to transform lives and create a more just and inclusive society.