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Press Release

Pro-Public Education Candidates Land Support from Mississippi Association of Educators

Smart funding, better pay, and stronger schools are priorities for second slate of endorsed candidates in 2023 election cycle.
Published: November 1, 2023

JACKSON, MS - Today, the Mississippi Association of Educators (MAE) announced its second slate of endorsed candidates for legislative office. The endorsements are reflective of the support for Mississippi’s public schools that has emerged as a central theme in this year’s elections. Further, the active interest in the Raise Mississippi initiative sponsored by MAE has created a broad base of support and recognition of the important role that public schools play in the state’s economy. 

“Ninety percent of Mississippi students attend Mississippi public schools, and our state’s success depends on their success,” said MAE President and second grade teacher Erica Jones. “Every student in our public schools deserves a quality education, a great teacher in every classroom, and up-to-date learning materials in safe, clean schools. Electing candidates who will actively work to make that happen is a critical component of making Mississippi an economic and educational powerhouse.”  

After considering the candidates’ interest in endorsement, a thorough review of each candidate’s record and confirmed support of MAE’s vision of Mississippi’s public schools, the following candidates were approved for endorsement: 


  • Donna Niewiaroski for House District 12, Lafayette County 

  • David Olds for House District 24, DeSoto County 

  • Sharon Moman for House District 56, Hinds and Madison Counties 

  • John Dedeaux for House District 121, Harrison County 

The MAE endorsement is based on candidates' demonstrated commitment to public education, their stated support for public schools and educators, and an understanding of the critical role public schools play in our communities. MAE anticipates that endorsed candidates will participate in MAE’s Public School Caucus that will bring all interested parties together to determine a viable answer to the on-going issue of full, smart, and fair funding for all state public schools.  

"We believe these candidates have the vision, leadership, and commitment necessary to create a better future for all of our students, educators and communities." 

Erica Jones, MAE President

“As an organization committed to improving education across Mississippi, we believe these candidates have the vision, leadership, and commitment necessary to create a better future for all of our students, educators and communities,” said President Jones. “We urge voters to support them, and to vote in the November 7 election – our children and our future depend on it.”  


About the Mississippi Association of Educators MAE is a non-partisan association of members composed of Mississippi elementary and secondary teachers, higher education faculty and staff, educational support professionals, retired educators and college students preparing to become teachers. Our fundamental objective is to work for improved salaries, benefits, and working conditions for all education professionals and support staff, as well as for a strong Mississippi public education system. Formed in 1878, MAE is the oldest and most powerful education association in the state of Mississippi. 

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