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Press Release

MAE President Jones encouraged by legislative teacher pay raise, education support

MAE President Erica Jones expects significant teacher pay raise.
Published: 02/27/2022

The following is a statement from Mississippi Association of Educators President Erica Webber Jones on the subject of proposed teacher pay raises and other public school support from the 2022 Legislative session.

“First, I want to say that MAE members are very grateful for the priority of significant teacher pay raises during the current Legislative session. For the first time I can remember, there are actually two teacher pay raise bills that have made it through from one house to the other for consideration. We realize there are differences in the House and Senate versions. These differences will likely be sorted out during conference committee meetings over the coming weeks.

“For the record, MAE will prefer compromises that result in the most substantial pay raise for teachers and educational support staff, as we have communicated to House and Senate members.

“Next, I want to extol the fact that other important parts of our legislative agenda are also still alive. We are supporting Community Schools (HB 591) and Mental Health services for instructors and students (HB 832). We are grateful that legislators see the wisdom in these two efforts.

“There appears to be a will to correct some significant deficiencies in our public school systems, including these issues. And, we believe MAEP will also be strengthened during this session.

“While there are ongoing discussions about the income tax reduction proposals, MAE continues pushing to support teacher and educational support staff pay raises, community schools, and mental health programs in our public schools. These moves will help us recruit teachers, will benefit generations of Mississippians, and, in the end, improve Mississippi’s economy.”

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