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We Won Historic School Funding!

Help us tell your district how these funds should be prioritized and spent.
Several elementary school students sit in their desks looking at a classroom speaker in a white doctor's coat. The children are all smiling.

Take Action

Speak up for your schools and your students! How should districts spend the funding we won?


We spoke up. Legislators listened. The Mississippi Legislature has approved an additional $100 million dollars to fund the schools our students deserve.

Together we're stronger. Together we're heard. This happened because thousands of educators came together to raise our collective voice for our students. When we speak together with one voice, we can make changes to improve the lives of our students and our community.


School districts will be deciding how to prioritize and spend the additional funding soon.

As educators, we know what's best for our schools. That's why we're coming together again—this time to tell district leaders what should be prioritized and how the additional school funding should be spent. 

Need examples of how the additional funding can help your students?

  • More instructional materials for hands-on learning and updated technology for student use  

  • The upkeep and repair of your classrooms, schools, and facilities  

  • Additional funding for school programs like art and music education, vocational education, and gifted/special education  

  • Resources to maintain and purchase school buses and meet other transportation needs  

  • Ensure high-quality educator recruitment and retention through educator pay and benefits