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Email the Conference Committee to Fully Fund Our Schools!

Our students deserve strong schools. Stronger schools make a stronger Mississippi!
 MAE President Erica Jones stands in front of MAE members with "Red for Ed" and "Vote Ed" signs at a press conference. They are under a white marquee tent with a journalist with a camera focused on President Jones in the foreground.

Take Action

Use this form to email the conference committee members determining funding levels for MAEP!

We are winning!  

Supporters of public education like you spoke up. Legislators listened. 

The bill to fully fund our schools is now before a conference committee that will meet this weekend to decide the funding levels for the M.A.E.P. formula. 

Fully Funding MAEP means: 

  • More instructional materials for hands-on learning and updated technology for student use  

  • The upkeep and repair of your classrooms, schools, and facilities  

  • Additional funding for school programs like art and music education, vocational education, and gifted/special education  

  • Resources to maintain and purchase school buses and meet other transportation needs  

  • Ensure high-quality educator recruitment and retention through educator pay and benefits  

Our Legislators need to hear from everyone who supports fully funding our schools.  And that means YOU!